28 April - 2 May 2017

The Royal Pump Rooms Leamington Spa
Leamington Music Festival Weekend.


The paintings in this exhibition were a response to the performances held in the last two days of last year's May Festival.  Every emotion was expressed in these two days from joyful exuberance (La Revue de Cuisine by Martinu) to  extreme despair (Terezin Ghetto Requiem) via Schubert's Quintet D956 which seemed to encompass many emotions between these two extremes. The paintings about these three pieces of music are abstract, relying on the rhythms and mood of the music to create the composition.

La Revue de Cuisine
60x90cm acrylic on canvas £550

I exhibited the studies I made whilst listening to the music which informed the composition of the final painting (33x41cm acrylic on paper £95)

Schubert Quintet D956
4 movements
36 x 40cm acrylic on canvas £395 each



I borrowed a terracotta head of Schubert by the sculptor/architect Bruce George owned by his daughter Vicky Airey for the exhibition to be exhibited alongside the Schubert paintings.  A loan of a book of wonderful drawings of Schubert added to the Schubert experience.

Terezin Ghetto Requiem by Sylvia Bodorova

This powerful work reflects the horrors of the Ghetto which incarcerated so many brilliant musicians, composers and writers.  The first layers of paint evoke the colourful creative artistic culture which was then slowly obliterated as time when on.  I took photos throughout the process of painting and exhibited some alongside the finished canvas.

                                                   90 x 60cm acrylic on canvas £550
Stage 1 full of colour reflecting the vibrant culture and creativity of those imprisoned.
Stage 2  paint starts to suppress the creativity
Stage 3  vigorous painting over in dark colours echoing the Dies Irae that appeared in the Requiem all but crushing those incarcerated.
Stage 4 the lascerating final Libera Me is evoked by scratching into the surface of the paint, freedom perhaps is found as the souls are released into the air.

I kept the figurative work to large drawings

BBC Radio 3 Recording Doric String Quartet  85 x 100cm mixed media SOLD

 O Duo Explosive Percussion  86 x 120cm mixed media £550

Allegro Prestissimo  70x105cm mixed media  £550

                                                            Everyone came!