I decided to take a particular piece of music and think about the mood created by each movement.   I used the gesture of the musician, colours and different kinds of mark to reflect the emotion conveyed by the music. 
For Beethoven String Quartet no 132 I have used four canvases, one for each member of the string quartet to represent one movement (in fact there are five movements, so 4th and 5th movement are represented by the final painting).

Beethoven's Ghost Piano Trio is represented by 3 canvases representing three movements.  The first (using the violinist) and third (using the cellist) movements are shown here, the second movement (using the pianist) is still being worked on.  It was hung in the exhibition marked 'Unfinished' as at the last minute I decided it wasn't right!

Violin Conversation.  The idea came from a performance by Retorica the violin duo Harriet Mackenzie and Phillipa Mo.  I was fascinated by the conversation the two violins were having, sometimes echoing each other, sometimes one would go off at a tangent before coming back to the main theme, weaving threads round each other.   Using red and green as opposites on the colour wheel seemed a good idea. 

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